What's in a record cleaning liquid?

Nothing much- mostly distilled water (95%). This can be purchased at Watson's or as battery water from most petrol stations. It does cost a lot more at the petrol stations. Another good source is supermarkets. Look for it under mineral drinking water. However make sure it is marked as distilled water. Mineral water will not do as the main constituent of a record cleaning fluid due to the obvious mineral in the water.

Next you will need an active cleaning agent. My favorite is MaMa Lemon which is a mild dish washing liquid. This will make up the 2 1/2 % of your formula. A few drops will do to give a soapy feel to your home brewed record cleaning liquid. This is again available at most supermarkets.

The last component of the recipe is an antistatic agent. This ensures that the record is static free, which will ensure that it remains clean for  long time. My favorite is Novus No.1. Besides its antistatic properties, it is also a cleaner, antifogging and dust repellent. Excellent properties as a record cleaner.


This used to be available at some high end DIY hardware outlets in the smaller bottles. But it is now impossible to find these anymore. I have a limited number of bottles of these available at $15 each. One bottle can last for for a long time as you don't use much of it .

Happy cooking.