Been in business since 2002.                                                                                                       

Wanted: Turntables and tonearms. If you have one for sale, email zennaudio@gmail.com  for consultation. Also will buy old vinyl records,lps-33 or 45 rpm.


Also has 4000+ LPs, CDs, DVDs,and LDs for sale from $2 up. Some samples of the LPs available. Click here.


The Zenn Record Store is open, clean and spacious and patrons can browse in cool comfort and test their selected vinyl LPs on an above average sound system before purchase.


Do note that we have an in-house mutt. It has been our work-dog for more than 12 years. It spend 95% of its time sleeping on the job posing as a thick furry rug. He is part of the main music room acoustic treatment. When he walks out of the music room, the music production from the sound system is noticeably poorer. And the other 5% of the time, he's just scratching himself. We want to assure our patrons that he poses no danger at all. He's about as dangerous as a rug- you may trip over him. But for any of our patrons who has a morbid fear of dogs, call ahead and we will push him out of the store temporary. However do not bring bring food into the store otherwise he will be distracted from his work. Thank you for your understanding.