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Accessories, Cables Etc









Two tier hifi/AV rack. Welded steel with MDF boards. Dimensions are 40" width, 24" Depth and 15" Height. Space between top and bottom shelf is 10". S$80.



Cardas 5 pin din bare phono plug for use with tone arms. Solder your own phono cable to this. Works with most Japanese tonearms. S$28. Can provide a non-Cardas metal cover for additional S$10.




Stasis Corporation cork mat. S$28.






Audio Technica ATH-AR3BT on-ear headphone with wireless Bluetooth feature. Foldable. Brand new with One year warranty. S$158.




Stasis Corporation Vinyl Records Groove Cleaner. Idea for wet and deep cleaning. Can also be use for pre-play light cleaning as the bristles are soft enough. S$20.




Audio Technica AT6011 antistatic Record Cleaning brush. S$20




Audio Technica AT-607 stylus cleaner. S$18




Tube coolers. Manufactured from pure copper. Slip on power tubes like 6550, EL34, 6L6 and such to dissapate the heat from the tubes. This will increase the longevity of the tubes. Will also reduce microphonics for better clarity and bass performance of your tube amp.2.5" height. S$20 each. Limited stock.





Acoustics panels for better sound in your music room. Place next to or behind the speakers. You can also place behind your listening position for better imaging. Dimensions are 49" X 25" X 3" at about 6 kg each. Wrap all around with silver coloured fabric. $60 for the pair.