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Wanted: Turntables and tonearms. If you have any for sale, email  for consultation. Also want to buy old vinyl records,lps-33 or 45 rpm.

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All prices in Singapore dollars. Divide by 1.4 for approx. US dollar equivalent.

Record cleaning service available-One LP S$2(Inclusive of paper inner sleeve)


  • Telephone:(65)64432473

  • Address: 292 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex

  • Singapore 469448

  • Email:

  • Store Opening Hours- 12 to 8 pm daily. Closed on Mondays

  • Public Holidays- Call ahead.

This site is now PayPal enabled. However please contact me through email or sms 90223432 with regard to availability of item before making payment.





VPI HW17 record cleaning machine. The brushing can be done with the platter moving clockwise and anti-clockwise for more effective cleaning. Vacuum suction applied to remove the final waste water and dirt. Full working and excellent condition. Made in USA. S$850.




Micro Seiki BL-77 belt drive turntable with SME 3009 S3 tonearm, Shure M97Xe phono carridge. In addition the arm wand's internal wiring have upgraded to Audio Note pure silver phono wires. Rosewood veneer finish. Excellent working condition. Comes with a brand new custom acrylic dustcover. S1750





Rega P1 belt drive turntables. Comes with original dust, RB110 tonearm and Carbon phono cartridge. Original 24VDC power adaptor. Made in UK. Like new condition. S$350. Choice of Black or White finish.





Supex SDX-1000 low output MC phono cartridge. Top of the line with output of 0.2 mV, boron cantilever and line contact stylus. Used but tested good with deep, tight bass and extended airy highs. Made in Japan. S$450.




Audio Technica AT440MLa dual moving magnet design with Micro Line diamond stylus at 4.0mV output. Used but in full working condition. S$120.




Technics SL110 Pro Direct drive turntable. Fitted with a Audio Technica AT1501 ten inch tonearm and a Shure White Label phono cartridge. The turntable has been professionally repainted and looks great save for a small scratch as shown in the pic. Comes with the original hingeless dustcover. S$950.Sold




Technics SL1210MK2 direct drive turntable. Fitted with a Shure 44-7 phono cartridge. Comes with dust cover. Absolutely excellent condition. S$950.



Audiomeca Romance turntable with Linn Basik LVX tone arm and Shure M97xe phono cartridge. Belt drive with 3 point suspension. Constructed from solid black acrylic. Good looking turntable. S$950



5 pin phono din adaptor kit for SME tonearms. Machined from solid aluminum and comes with a male Cardas 5 pin din phono plug. S$88.




Rega TP PSU power supply for RP3 turntable. Offer greater speed stability and the convenience of changing speed without removing the platter. Like new condition. S$250.


Supex SD-909 MK II low output MC phono cartridge. 0.2 mV at 4 ohm. Used condition, low hours. Comes with original packaging. S$750



Thorens TD125 Turntable. Belt drive with 3 point suspension. Fitted with a SME3009 tonearm and Shure M92e MM cartrifge. No dust cover. S$950.



5 pin din plug for use with phono cables. Teflon with gold plated pins. Aluminum casing. Available in silver or black. S$58.



Stasis Record Label Bath Clamp. This will protect your record labels while it is being wet clean. Comes in a nice looking wooden box. S$40.



Project Debut Carbon USB belt drive turntable. This has a built-in phono amp and USB output. Comes fitted with an Ortofon OM10 phono cartridge. Excellent condition. S$300.





Cardas 5 pin din phono plug with adaptor for modifying a Rega tonearm to allow use of a universal detachable phono cable. S$48.



45 rpm inserts/adaptors for 7" EPs. Five colors available at S$0.50 each.



Ortofon ST-7 stepup transformer for MC phono cartridges.

  • Recommended cartridge impedance- 2 to 60 ohm.
  • Recommended Load-47K ohm/200pf
  • Like new condition
  • S$450



Rega Planar 25 turntable. Comes fitted with a Denon DL103R MC phono cartridge. The motor has been upgraded to an original Rega 24VAC motor. The plastic sub-platter has also been upgraded to a Groovetracer aluminum unit. Comes with an original Rega power adaptor. S$1250.





Audio Technica AT6006R tonearm safety raiser. Brand new.

  • lifts tonearm automatically at the end of a record, protecting stylus tip
  • Hydraulic lift with rubber lift bar operates safely and smoothly
  • Includes different spacer to adjust the height for different tonearms
  • S$188



Phono cartridge lead wires.

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze clips
  • Lead wires are 5N PCOCC Litz copper made by Furukawa Japan.
  • S$15 for a set of 4 colors
  • Brand new




Phono Cartridge clips

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze
  • Comes with colored heat shrinks
  • Set of 4s
  • S$5



Phono Cartridge lead wires.

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze clips
  • Lead wires are 5N litz pure silver made by Furukawa Japan
  • S$25 for a set of 4s
  • Brand new


Out of stock


Record stabilizer, strobe disk and bubble level- 3 in 1. Brand new

  • 0.34kg of aluminum block
  • 77 mm diameter
  • S$38





OEM Technics headshell. Brand new. S$20.

Phono cartridge alignment gauge with overhang markings. 1.8mm thick acrylic.




Finger lift for headshells. S$15.



Strobe disk cum alignment gauge.

  • Made from 3 mm thick acrylic.
  • 50/60 Hz at 33/45/78 rpm.
  • Other side has an alignment gauge with overhang markings.
  • S$32



Cardas 5 pin din bare phono plug for use with tone arms. Solder your own phono cable to this. Works with most Japanese tonearms. S$28. Can provide a non-Cardas metal cover for additional S$10.



Stanton ST-150 direct drive turntable. Fitted with a Shure M-44-7 phono cartridge. S$300   



Lenco L-75 classic turntable. This is in excellent condition. All metal parts are nice and shiny. Installed in a new custom plinth. Phono cartridge not included. S$1250.




Tonearm armrest clip. Exact replacement for Rega tonearms. S$12.





Acrylic records crate. Made with 8mm thick acrylic. Internal dimensions measure 13"X13"X9". Can pack up to 75 vinyl albums. S$75 each.




Cardas male 5 pin phono din plug. S$35




Stasis Corporation cork mat. S$28.





Storage crates for vinyl records. Handmade from 1/2 inch thick solid pine. Can hold about 75 LP albums. Internal dimensions are 13" X 13" X 9". S$58 each.




Rega Bias 2 MM phono cartridge. High output of 6.8 mv. Brand new condition. S$200.





Rega Elys MM phono cartridge. High output of 6.8 mv. New condition. S$300.




Zenn phono cable. Specifically designed for use with the low level output of turntables. Conductors are fine copper litz wires. One meter pair. S$250.




Electronic Stylus Force Gauge. Accurate to a hundredth of a gram up to a maximum of 5 gram. Brand new. S$38.




Grace 10" professional tone arm. With original Grace headshell. Modified with a detachable phono cable. S$850.




This is not the latest all acrylic modern turntable but a record cleaner.  Simple, effective and affordable for vinyl lovers who cannot keep their records collection clean.  Click on  " every other  record cleaner sucks"  for more info. S$580







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