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Wanted: Turntables and tonearms. If you have any for sale, email  for consultation. Also want to buy old vinyl records,lps-33 or 45 rpm.

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All prices in Singapore dollars. Divide by 1.4 for approx. US dollar equivalent.

Record cleaning service available-One LP S$2(Inclusive of paper inner sleeve)


  • Telephone:(65)64432473

  • Address: 292 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex

  • Singapore 469448

  • Email:

  • Store Opening Hours- 12 to 8 pm daily. Closed on Mondays

  • Public Holidays- Call ahead.

This site is now PayPal enabled. However please contact me through email or sms 90223432 with regard to availability of item before making payment.



Denon AU-250 step up transformer for low output MC phono cartridges. Idea for the Denon DL103R MC cartridge. S$150.




Stasis Record Label Bath Clamp. This will protect your record labels while it is being wet clean. Comes in a nice looking wooden box. S$40.



Rega P3 in a gloss white finish.

  • Glass platter
  • RB303 tonearm
  • 24 volt synchronous motor
  • Like new condition
  • No phono cartridge
  • S$650





Audio Technica AT-LP60USB in blue. Upgraded with a LP Gear stylus. S$95.



Rega RP1 belt drive turntable. Comes with original RB100 tonearm and acrylic cover.Fitted with an Rega Carbon phono cartridge. Grey finish. Excellent condition. S$320.




Rega RP1 belt drive turntable. Comes with original RB100 tonearm and acrylic cover.Fitted with an Ortofon OM5E phono cartridge. Silver-Grey finish. Excellent condition. S$320.



Pioneer PL-514A belt drive turntable. Auto-return function. Complete with an MM phono cartridge. Fully working condition. S$150.


Supex SD-909 MK II low output MC phono cartridge. 0.2 mV at 4 ohm. Used condition, low hours. Comes with original packaging. S$750



Rega P1 Plus turntable. Fitted with the original RB220 and Carbon phono cartridge. The "Plus" label refers to the built-in phono preamp which allows the turntable to be connected to the line input of a sound system. Pre-owned but in excellent condition. S$420.



Garrard 301 classic idler wheel drive turntable with Realistic SA-16 tone arm. The turntable is an oil bearing. Originally cream colored, it has been given a professionally done grey hammertone finish. Complete refurbish that it is running perfectly with inaudible rumble. The tonearm is a 12" vintage unipivot design. S$4200.



Thorens TD125 Turntable. Belt drive with 3 point suspension. Fitted with a SME3009 tonearm and Shure M92e MM cartrifge. No dust cover. S$950.



Project Debut Carbon USB belt drive turntable. This has a built-in phono amp and USB output. Comes fitted with an Ortofon OM10 phono cartridge. Excellent condition. S$350.






Audiomeca Romance turntable with Linn Basik LVX tone arm and Shure M97xe phono cartridge. Belt drive with 3 point suspension. Constructed from solid black acrylic. Good looking turntable. S$1200



Cardas 5 pin din phono plug with adaptor for modifying a Rega tonearm to allow use of a universal detachable phono cable. S$48.




Rega TP PSU power supply for RP3 turntable. Offer greater speed stability and the convenience of changing speed without removing the platter. Like new condition. S$350.



5 pin din plug for use with phono cables. Teflon with gold plated pins. Aluminum casing. Available in silver or black. S$58.



Denon DL103R MC phono cartridge. Output of 0.25mV. Used but in full working condition. S$220. New- S$450







Audio Technica AT440MLa dual moving magnet design with Micro Line diamond stylus at 4.0mV output. Used but in full working condition. S$220.













45 rpm inserts/adaptors for 7" EPs. Five colors available at S$0.50 each.




Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck turntable with Rega RB600 fitted with a Michell Tecnoweight counterweight and a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. S$1950.




Rega Planar 25 turntable. Comes fitted with a Denon DL103R MC phono cartridge. The motor has been upgraded to an original Rega 24VAC motor. The plastic sub-platter has also been upgraded to a Groovetracer aluminum unit. Comes with an original Rega power adaptor. S$1250.





Nakamichi BX125 two head cassette deck. Full working condition. S$250





Akai GXC-709D two head cassette deck. Fully working condition. Note that the left analog meter is dimmer than the right. S$200



Ortofon ST-7 stepup transformer for MC phono cartridges.

  • Recommended cartridge impedance- 2 to 60 ohm.
  • Recommended Load-47K ohm/200pf
  • Like new condition
  • S$550



Audio Technica AT6006R tonearm safety raiser. Brand new.

  • lifts tonearm automatically at the end of a record, protecting stylus tip
  • Hydraulic lift with rubber lift bar operates safely and smoothly
  • Includes different spacer to adjust the height for different tonearms
  • S$188



Phono cartridge lead wires.

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze clips
  • Lead wires are 5N PCOCC Litz copper made by Furukawa Japan.
  • S$15 for a set of 4 colors
  • Brand new




Phono Cartridge clips

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze
  • Comes with colored heat shrinks
  • Set of 4s
  • S$5



Phono Cartridge lead wires.

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze clips
  • Lead wires are 5N litz pure silver made by Furukawa Japan
  • S$25 for a set of 4s
  • Brand new


Out of stock


Record stabilizer, strobe disk and bubble level- 3 in 1. Brand new

  • 0.34kg of aluminum block
  • 77 mm diameter
  • S$38





OEM Technics headshell. Brand new. S$20.

Phono cartridge alignment gauge with overhang markings. 1.8mm thick acrylic.




Finger lift for headshells. S$15.



Strobe disk cum alignment gauge.

  • Made from 3 mm thick acrylic.
  • 50/60 Hz at 33/45/78 rpm.
  • Other side has an alignment gauge with overhang markings.
  • S$32



Rega RP1 belt drive turntable. Comes with original RB100 tonearm and acrylic cover. No phono cartridge. Excellent condition. S$250.



Stanton ST-150 direct drive turntable. Fitted with a Shure M-44-7 phono cartridge. S$450    



Lenco L-75 classic turntable. This is in excellent condition. All metal parts are nice and shiny. Installed in a new custom plinth. Phono cartridge not included. S$1250.



Cardas 5 pin din bare phono plug for use with tone arms. Solder your own phono cable to this. Works with most Japanese tonearms. S$28. Can provide a non-Cardas metal cover for additional S$10.




Acrylic records crate. Made with 8mm thick acrylic. Internal dimensions measure 13"X13"X9". Can pack up to 75 vinyl albums. S$75 each.




Cardas male 5 pin phono din plug. S$35




Stasis Corporation cork mat. S$28.




Onkyo CP-1050(D) direct drive turntable. Like new condition. Complete with everything in the box.Note that this is a 110VAC mains unit and will require a step down power adaptor.S$250.




Storage crates for vinyl records. Handmade from 1/2 inch thick solid pine. Can hold about 75 LP albums. Internal dimensions are 13" X 13" X 9". S$58 each.




Tonearm armrest clip. Exact replacement for Rega tonearms. S$12.





Linn LP12 turntable with Linn Basik tonearm. The turntable is fitted with a Valhalla board for improved speed stability. No acrylic cover and no phono cartridge provided. S$1500





Rega Bias 2 MM phono cartridge. High output of 6.8 mv. Brand new condition. S$200.





Rega Elys MM phono cartridge. High output of 6.8 mv. New condition. S$300.




Zenn phono cable. Specifically designed for use with the low level output of turntables. Conductors are fine copper litz wires. One meter pair. S$250.




Electronic Stylus Force Gauge. Accurate to a hundredth of a gram up to a maximum of 5 gram. Brand new. S$38.




Grace 10" professional tone arm. With original Grace headshell. Modified with a detachable phono cable. S$850.




This is not the latest all acrylic modern turntable but a record cleaner.  Simple, effective and affordable for vinyl lovers who cannot keep their records collection clean.  Click on  " every other  record cleaner sucks"  for more info. S$580







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