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Wanted: Turntables and tonearms. If you have any for sale, email  for consultation. Also want to buy old vinyl records.

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All prices in Singapore dollars. Divide by 1.4 for approx. US dollar equivalent.

Record cleaning service available-One LP S$3(Inclusive of paper inner sleeve and plastic outer jacket)


  • Telephone:(65)64432473

  • HP-90223432

  • Address: 292 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex

  • Singapore 469448

  • Email:

  • Store Opening Hours- 12 to 8 pm daily. Closed on Mondays

  • Public Holidays- Call ahead.






Denon DL 103D low output MC cartridge. Good working condition. Low hours. Comes with stylus guard. $320. Sold

Rega P1 turntable in matt white finish. Comes with original dustcover and Carbon phono cartridge. Like new condition. $390.



Technics SP10 MK2 turntable plinth- SH-10B3. No cracks or dents. S$200.


Clearaudio Concept belt drive turntable. Comes with original tonearm and new Audio Technica AT-VM95C cartridge. Like new condition. S$1450.Sold

Rega P1 Plus turntable. Original tonearm with Carbon cartridge. The original dustcover has some scratches on the top. This model comes with on board phono amp. Sold


Thorens TD280 MK IV belt drive turntable. Semi-automatic feature- the turntable will stop at the end of play. Recently fitted with a new Audio Technica AT95e cartridge. Tested full working condition. Auditions are welcome. S$320



Rega P1 turntable. With original tonearm and dustcover. Fitted with an upgraded cartridge- Rega Bias 2. S$390. Sold



Project Debut II belt drive turntable. Original tonearm and fitted with an Ortofon 5e cartridge, Turntable is in mint condition but the dust cover has bad scratches on the top. S$195. Sold



Lenco L75 turntable integrated with a Komet 25 amplifier. Factory made in Germany. This is a very compact combo. Comes with a pair of speaker cables terminated in Din plugs on the amp ends. And most notable is there is a pair of female RCA outputs to connect the Lenco turntable to an external sound system as the capability of the internal amp may be limited. Comes with original dustcover. S$950.



Cassette tapes clearance. 25 pcs of new Sony premium Chrome tapes and 25 pcs of new mostly Sony normal tapes. Also about 50 pcs of used cassette tapes. All for S$60. Sold




Funk Firm mod for Linn LP12. Comes with Top panel, Sub chassis and arm board. All in carbon fiber. Includes DC motor and external power supply. Note that the 33 rpm trimmer is not working. The 45 rpm adjusted to 33 rpm. Sold as is. S$120. Sold



Garrard 301 turntable with 12" Ortofon AB-309 tonearm with Audio Technica headshell. Cartridge not included. Also comes with extra armboards for a 12" SME and a 9" SME tonearm. All mounted on a good looking solid wood plinth. The turntable is also in mint condition and runs perfectly. S$4500. Sold




Project Primary E Phono turntable. Fitted with a like new condition Audio Technica AT95E cartridge.  Excellent on board phono. S$250. Sold




Technics SL1200MK2 turntable. Comes with original dustcover and a Stanton phono cartridge. Works perfectly. A couple of minor cosmetic defects. The dustcover has some marks on the top. On the right front corner there is a mark due to rubbing against the cover. S$600. Sold



Technics SL1200 MK3 direct drive turntable. Comes in the more rare black finish. Fully working and in excellent cosmetic condition. No cartridge. Note that this is a 100VAC mains unit. S$800. Sold



Lenco L75 classic idler wheel drive turntable. The turntable has been given a new pro paint job. The metallic red finish is attractive and gives it a more modern appearance. It is mounted into an equally good looking plinth. The heavy plinth is constructed from layered plywood and finished in piano black. Top off with an achromat. The tonearm tray is set 12mm below the chassis. This allows greater choices of tonearms as the Lenco platter is notoriously low and most tonearms cannot be optimize for use on the Lencos. S$1450



VPI HW19Jr turntable fitted with a Linn Basik tonearm and Linn K9 cartridge. Tested working condition. S$750. Sold.



ega RP6 turntable. Comes with TTPSU power supply and Hana SL low output MC phono cartridge. Upgraded sub platter. Light marks and scratches on the original dustcover. Turntable is in mint condition. Fully working condition. S$2250Sold




Audio Technica AT-LH13/OCC headshell with adjustable azimuth. S$50.



Rega RP1 belt drive turntable. Comes with original dust cover (some light marks) and tonearm. Fitted with a Audio Technica AT-95e cartridge. Tested running condition. S$290




Linn LP12 turntable with Linn Basik tonearm. Original dustcover and hinges are still good. Internally fitted with Vahalla power supply board. Tested working condition. Cartridge not included. S$1750Sold




Thorens TD160 MKII turntable with original tonearm and fitted with a Nagaoka MP110 phono cartridge. No dust cover. This unit has stainless steel trimmings instead of the usual wood. All settings optimally set up including the suspension. S$650Sold



Elipson Alpha 100-RIAA BT belt drive turntable. Made in France. Features include internal MM/MC phono amp and Bluetooth. Comes with original dust cover, tonearm and Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Tested working condition. S$250. Sold



Thorens TD 190 turntable. Belt drive and fully automatic. Comes with original dustcover and Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Full working condition. S$320




Project Debut Carbon turntable. Comes original tonearm and dustcover. Fitted with an Ortofon MC-1 Turbo high output MC cartridge. Can audition before purchase. S$320Sold





Rega RPI Union Jack Limited Edition turntable with Perfprmance Pack. This special package includes a upgrade to the Rega Bias 2 cartridge and white silicon belt for better sound reproduction. Excellent cosmetics and working condtion. S$420Sold


Audio Technica AT-LP2022 Limited Edition turntable. Brand new in the box. S/No. 2782 of 3000. -$1688



Yamaha IS-44P belt drive turntable. Faint marks on dustcover. Auto return. Comes with original tonearm and cartridge. S$250.




Cardas 5 pin din phono plug with adaptor for modifying a Rega tonearm to allow use of a universal detachable phono cable. S$48.



45 rpm inserts/adaptors for 7" EPs. Five colors available at S$0.50 each.



5 pin din plug for use with phono cables. Teflon with gold plated pins. Aluminum casing. Available in silver or black. S$58.




Phono Cartridge clips

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze
  • Comes with colored heat shrinks
  • Set of 4s
  • S$5



Phono cartridge lead wires.

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze clips
  • Lead wires are 5N PCOCC Litz copper made by Furukawa Japan.
  • S$15 for a set of 4 colors
  • Brand new




Grace 10" professional tone arm. With original Grace headshell. Modified with a detachable phono cable. S$850.



Phono Cartridge lead wires.

  • Gold plated SN-P bronze clips
  • Lead wires are 5N litz pure silver made by Furukawa Japan
  • S$20 for a set of 4s
  • Brand new



Finger lift for headshells. S$15.



Strobe disk cum alignment gauge.

  • Made from 3 mm thick acrylic.
  • 50/60 Hz at 33/45/78 rpm.
  • Other side has an alignment gauge with overhang markings.
  • S$15



Cardas 5 pin din bare phono plug for use with tone arms. Solder your own phono cable to this. Works with most Japanese tonearms. S$28. Can provide a non-Cardas metal cover for additional S$10.




Cardas male 5 pin phono din plug. S$35




Tonearm armrest clip. Exact replacement for Rega tonearms. S$12.







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