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All prices in Singapore dollars. Divide by 1.4 for US dollar equivalent.

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Old Chen/LaoChen 300B tube single ended integrated amp. Two Electron Harmonix 300B for 9 watts per channel into 4 and 8 ohms. PsVane 5U4 rectifier and CV181 signal tubes. 3 line inputs and Vu meters. $550.


Crown XTi1000 poweramp. Rated at 275 watts/ch into 8 ohms and 500 watts into 4 ohms. It has a level control and balance XLR inputs. S$250.

Aerix Duet MK3 music system. Featuring Bluetooth, WiFi, optical and Aux inputs. 360* sound and the dot LED screen on the front displays info on the source, time and modes. Brand new with two year warranty. $1400.




Audio Space AS-8P tube power amp. Output tubes are a pair of KT88 per side for about 40 watts per channel into 4 or 8 ohms. S$450




Pioneer SA 7500 vintage Integrated amp. Rated at 40 watts into 8 ohm. Excellent phono input. Upgraded speaker binding posts. S$450.





Pioneer C73 preamp. High quality construction and parts. Face plate is clean and shiny. Some marks on the top plate. Note that this is a 100VAC mains unit. $550.



Telos Mini Quantum Resonator. This is a power line filter. Simple to use. Just plug it into the mains circuit that is use by your hifi. Experience a darker sound, after background noise is removed from the powerline by this device. S$250. Sold




Audiolab 8000C preamp with 8000M monoblock poweramps. Rated at 125 watts each into 8 ohms. S$1250. Sold




Luxman L-80V integrated amp. Classic amp from the 70's/ Rated at 50 watts per channel into 8 ohm. Still well regarded for its warm musical signature. S$550.




NAD 3020 integrated amp. The original version. Not 3020A or 3020i.  Mint condition. Sold




Sansui AU-X11 integrated amp. Rated at 160 watts/ch into 8 ohms. This behemoth weighs in at 28 kg. Cosmetics is fair. There is some oxidation especially on the rear and the wood side panels have some knocks. Working condition. This is a 100V mains unit and will require a step down transformer to operate. S$950





Denon DN C-680 professional CD player. RCA and XLR outputs. S$250.Sold




Xindak XA6950 Integrated amp. There are two pieces of 6922 signal in the circuitry. Rated at 100 watts/ch into 8ohms and Class A up to 30 watts. Note that the transparent plastic part of one of the speaker binding post is missing. Can still use with speaker cables terminated in banana plugs. Tested working condition, S$450



Pioneer CLD-210KVT laser disc player. Comes with remote control. Tested working condition. $250



CEC TL1 CD Transport. Belt drive. Comes with remote control. There is a faint mark on the right side of the chassis. Coaxial and optical output. Tested working condition. S$2950



Onkyo C-7030 CD player. Like new condition. Working condition. No remote control. S$120



Spectral DMC12 preamp with original external power supply. Inputs are line level only. $1950



Luxman C1010 preamp and M-4000 power. Power rating of 180 watts/ch into 8 ohm. Preamp has two phono inputs. Cosmetics still looks good. Note that this is a 120VAC mains unit and will require a step down transformer in use.$2950.


















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