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Rel Acoustics Storm subwoofer.

  • 100WRMS with 10" woofer.
  • Frequency from 18 to 100Hz.
  • Comes with High level input cables
  • Comes with manuals
  • S$750
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AR 302 three way speakers. 10" woofers. Mirror image positioning of the drivers to ensure stable imaging. Excellent condition. Relaxed warm sound production. Review. S$650.




Lothx Ion 3 horn loaded speakers

  • Single 6" full range driver
  • Sensitivity of 96 db/w/m.
  • Suitable for low power tube amp
  • S$150




Mistral LSS35A monitor speakers. Two way design. 11 ohm. Clone of the classic British monitor speakers. Excellent condition. S$650.




Target speaker stands. Four columns and sand filled. Each weighs about 20 kg. Height is 24". Top plate measures 6" X 8.5". S$450.




KLH Model 345 floorstand speakers. Two way with 10" midbass drivers. Acoustic suspension design. All drivers are working. Cabinets are in fair condition. Slight water damage on the bottom edge of one cabinet. S$150.




Rel Quake powered subwoofer. 8" driver. Comes with the high level connecting cable. S$220.




Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 bookshelf speakers. Two way with 5" midbass drivers. Biwiring. Front ported. S$220.




Cabasse Farelle 400 Bubinga floorstand speakers. Two way 8" midbass drivers. It has a high sensitivity of 94 db/w/m. So can work well with low power tube amps. Its transmission line loading also gives it decent bass for such a sensitive speaker. A couple of dings and scratches on the finish, otherwise the cabinets are in very good condition. S$650.




Watt Puppy 5 speaker system. These consists of the two way monitor speakers mounted on its subwoofer using two 8" drivers. Gloss black finish. Each side weighs about 70 kg. S$5500.





Infinite Slope top of the line speakers from the 1980's. Four way  five drivers configuration. Biwiring. S$1950




Black wood speaker stands. Height is 23". Top plate measures 9.5" X 7". Excellent condition. S$150.





Wharfedale Airdale floorstand speakers. Four way with 10" woofer, 8" midbass, 4" mid and 1" dome tweeter. Vintage and classic sound quality. Made in England. S$950




Mission M72 bookshelf speakers. Two way 5" midbass driver. Rear ported with biwiring. S$350




JVC SX-911 classic speakers of the 80's. Three way with 12" carbon fibre woofers and diamond coated tweeters. Drivers are all working. Cabinets are in excellent condition. Only the metal rims of the drivers are tarnished. These are heavy weighing in at 30 kg each. S$450.




Guizu wood speaker stands for compact speakers. Beautifully crafted from real wood. 27" high. S$320






Celestion SL6000 subwoofer system. Comes with the original electronic crossover/equaliser. Originally designed for the SL600/700 speakers but can be used with any small and bass shy bookshelf speakers. The satellites speakers are placed on the top panel of the subs. Tested fully working condition. S$550.More info here.




JBL 4410A Studio Monitor speakers. Three way with 10" bass drivers,4" mid and titanium dome tweeter. Excellent condition. S$950.





MB Quart Two XL floorstand speakers. Two way 6" midbass drivers. Fully working. Cosmetics is fair. Speaker binding posts are located at the bottom of the speakers. Rather inconvenient but otherwise a great sounding speakers at S$100.




Stanton ATM 6 active speakers. Bi amp design with a 50 watt amp for the 7" bass driver and 18 watt amp for the tweeter. Used but good working condition. RCA phono and balanced inputs. Trimmer for treble output and volume level. S$420 for the pair.








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